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KookCast: Surf Education

Nov 26, 2019

This week on KookCast we have Paul Farnham as our guest. Learn a little bit from the man who almost never misses a dawn patrol, (except for a 12 year hiatus), or the second hiatus he took from surfing to battle (and defeat!) cancer. This week's guest is a true warrior, but you can't tell from an outside glance. He's...

Nov 19, 2019

You already know's pretty easy to find a reason NOT to go surfing. In this episode, Coach Chris and Coach Evan are covering some common excuses surfers use to pass on a session and hopefully show you why your excuses aren't good enough! Enjoy, yew!

Nov 12, 2019

With a passion for surfing and name like "Armstrong", it'd be a shame if this week's guest didn't live up to her name. Fortunately that's not the case at all. If anything you'll finish this episode with a little extra inspiration to endure through hardship and find your own strength. We're going on record, Annie is a...

Nov 5, 2019

Don't matter if these sound reasonable or out of this world, the following three notions are myths. Thank goodness for KookCast or else you might've gone astray !