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KookCast: Surf Education

Sep 27, 2022

Not that any episodes of KookCast could be considered "formal", this is one of those especially informal episodes where the coaches are just rapping about a recent swell event. In this case, it's Hurricane Fiona.

Sep 21, 2022

A guest so close yet so far, Brother Chase has long known he's been requested to make his voice heard on KookCast. The day has finally come and in this episode 204, he tells the story of how he lost his board far from home at a heavy beach break and called upon his brother, Coach Evan to help him get in. When things...

Sep 9, 2022

This week on KookCast, Coach Ev's got long time friend Chris Palmer on the show and they're talking about the value of riding bigger boards, how not to splat with your board when you're amping on the surf and running down the beach, and the consequences of paddling past the pack to pick off waves from the top. After...